Culture Tourism

Visit Maasai Villages

On our cultural tours, you will get to learn about the traditional Maasai way of life. We will introduce you to their culture, their stories, songs and dances, their beliefs, and daily practices. You will have an opportunity to practice milking a goat with a kalabash and sit with the elders listening to their stories. On your morning or afternoon walk around the boma, you’ll be introduced to the traditional medicinal plants and trees and can witness life in the orpul, where you can also taste the special medicinal soup prepared for the warriors.

Visit Hadzabe Villages

We spend time with one of the Hadzabe communities that choose to live a traditional hunter gather lifestyle. They live far from the normal tourist route and are therefore very difficult to reach by car. We always plan to spend three nights in a small mobile camp close to the Hadzabe village. Also since it is difficult to understand and absorb the harmony and serenity of the Hadzabe with a flying visit. Three days allows you to really connect with these wonderful people.